Good-bye 2010

Another year gone by,
Filled with opportunities missed
And new possibilities discovered.

A year of devastating natural disasters,
political unrest, continuing war
and economic upheaval.
But none of that is new--
Every year contains a similar list
Of horrific events.
Every year goes out with a list
Of celebrities that passed away
Why millions of lives passed on
Without notice--if they were lucky
They received a small column in
A local newspaper.

Personally it was another year of waiting.
A year of moving into a new place
And becoming first-time homeowners.
A year of making new neighbors
And adjusting to a new school.
A year of pinching pennies
And trying to enjoy life fully.
A year of discovering a new church family
And exploring ancient paths of worship.
A year of crying, laughing, sighing,
questioning and rejoicing.

And so, as we look back,
We do so not to live in the past
Nor to discover regrets,
But to praise God for His faithfulness
And to learn from our mistakes.
We look back in order
To move into the New Year
As a better person--
A person who has messed up,
But who is forgiven
And determined to be transformed
Into more of a saint
And less of a sinner.

Another year gone by
Brings another year to live.
To live and to worship as fully as possible.

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