Second Thursday in Advent: Freedom

We ate supper standing up with our coats in hand tonight. It was a Passover meal (well, it was actually Chinese food, but we played out the Passover). The Israelites had to be ready to go at a moments notice. After we finished our Advent reading (which involved the passage on Pharaoh telling the Israelites to leave Egypt) at supper, we left our house. We walked the perimeter of our house as I talked about what it must have been like to join a million other people, leaving everything you owned behind and heading toward freedom.

In yesterday's passage, the blood of the lamb meant protection. In today's passage, the blood meant freedom. Jesus' blood likewise offers us freedom--freedom from sin and death. In waiting for His return we wait for freedom from a fallen world. May we not take advantage of the freedoms we have been give but be responsible stewards of them.

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