Merry Christmas!

Outside is peaceful.
Snow blankets all,
even the boughs of the evergreen tree.
Inside is joyous.
Lights on the tree
Shine on the wrapping paper beneath.
The few presents,
the boys are told,
Are reminders that on Christmas morn
We were given the greatest gift ever.

When God created
All the visible world,
He said that all was good.
Evil entered in and marred that goodness.
Sacrifices were required--
Blood to atone for our sins.
But on this day we celebrate
The birth of God's only Son
Who came to make all good again;
Who came to be the final sacrifice.

God's gift to us,
The baby is love embodied.
"Where meek souls
Will receive Him still
The dear Christ enters in."
He brings with Him
Peace and goodwill for all.

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