April Showers Bring . . . Snow!?

We awoke this morning to discover this outside:

It continued lightly falling for a few hours. I'm guessing that by 10am there was about 2 inches/5cm on top of the grill. A lady from church called to tell Beth that this isn't normal (we've been hearing that about all the weather since we've moved here, it seems). Indeed, the meteorologist said that there's never been snow on April 2 before in the Greater Vancouver Area. By lunch time it was starting to melt, so Anders and I decided to take advantage of the nice spring snow:

Our Snowman creation

Anders' snow angel
Tubing down the hill behind our house (we didn't have any sleds with--heck, we had to dig through the winter Rubbermaid tub to find stuff to wear--so we used the Spiderman water ring; it worked well).

The ducks didn't seem to mind too much.
Yes, those are dandelions poking through the snow. If we had wandered further we could have gotten pictures with daffodils, magnolia or cherry blossoms in the snow.


Snowbound in Iowa said...

Just had fun catching up on life from your perspective (and Beth's on her blog too) and enjoyed. Sure am praying with you for the hard stuff (like Anders having trouble with transitions and obedience and all) but also celebrating with you the new adventures and fun times. Miss you guys lots!!! (especially today when I had to go to your old house with a load of stuff to be stored there temporarily in the Wetzel/Larsen switching houses move) Love & prayers, Jane

vet said...

Dave, thanks for blogging. I enjoy Beth's blogs and wanted to read yours too. When you both are having them "moments" with Anders, or Nils just think back of all them moments I went through with Justin and at church! oh how dissapointed and mad I felt inside, and I remember one day Beth was in the nursery when I was going through it, she was so very understandning and felt it with me. They do change so fast, it wont be that way forever, as I now see Justin going through a NEW stage now of talking back. It is very hard and knowing we did not raise them to act this bad behavior way but hang in there, it gets better, well. until they are a teenager they say and then we will wish they were this young age again as we can control them much easier now!! Hang in there with all the adjustments too, it will come. Took me 2 yrs in Iowa but God has a way with showing us in HIS timing what we are to see, do and what his purpose is in all of it. Lean on the father and remember it is 'strength we gain from and in our weakness". God Bless and
Prayers to you,