New Life

I'm not sure what today is called on the Christian calendar. We've just gone through the dark days of Maunday Thursday and Good Friday with services at church (though they were some of the warmest, sunniest days this week here--we started the week with snow and 0º C and are now at sunshine and 20º C temps--that'd be about 32 to above 70º F). I know I've heard of a special name for today--something like Silent Saturday or Dark Saturday--but it escapes me as to what it is. It's been harder to focus on the suffering and darkness of Holy Week this year. I guess I'm looking ahead to Easter too much. I think the weather effects that. If it's dark and gloomy out, it's easier to focus on the suffering--but much harder if there's sunshine and warm weather.

And Easter is all about New Life. I'm a product of that. At Springtime, it becomes so much easier to see that when it's all around you. Here's some pictures of the new life around us. May they let you focus on the New Life that Jesus gives as well.

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