Popcorn Poppers and Little Suckers

Yesterday for a snack Anders wanted popcorn. Again. He had some after church while they were waiting for me to get done with a meeting. After his rest time he wanted it for a snack. "The church popcorn." Which was all gone. So he helped me pop some. Once it started popping he just started laughing and telling how silly it was.

Nils is our little sucker. We really don't think he's teething yet, but he likes to put everything he can in his mouth. My nose and Beth's chin are his favorites. He had a Well-Baby check-up at the clinic today with a couple immunization shots. He's right around 13 pounds (apparently its just produce, meat and cheese that's weighed in kg--human measurements usually seem to be in pounds and feet). But he's getting bigger--I've noticed putting on his diapers that they don't fasten in the same places anymore.

And that's our Olive-Finger Monster.

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