I Can Say Whatever I Want To

I heard a comedian on a news interview I happened to click past tonight say in regards to his act, "Don't bring your kids. I'm not a teacher any more--I can say whatever I want to." It seems to be a common North American attitude. We have freedom of speech; therefore, we can do what we want. Freedom has become our ticket to irresponsibility.

We have freedom in Christ. But freedom brings great responsibility (echoes of Spiderman saying "with great power comes great responsibility" ring out). Freedom in Christ means that we are no longer slaves to sin (or the Law), but have freedom to choose to follow Christ--responsibly. Freedom exists with boundaries--otherwise it's not freedom, it's just risky behaviour.

As parents, we give boundaries. We tell Anders he has the freedom to play in front of the house as long as he stays right in front of our place and doesn't go beyond the crack in the pavement that is just a few feet in front of the driveway. He has the freedom to play within that area. If he doesn't respect the boundaries, he runs the risk of getting hit by a car.

We just don't get freedom. Isn't it odd that in free countries we have as many laws as we do? We just need responsibility. You can say whatever you want, yes, but that doesn't make you more of a human being.

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