Evening activities

Tonight while I was getting the grill ready for supper, Anders decided to go for a little trike ride on the basketball court behind our house. I thought I'd get in the trees in blossom since you've already seen Anders on his tricycle. You can still pick him out--he's the little kid in the safety gear on the trike, not the older oriental kids playing basketball. I also turned around to get a picture of our house from where I was taking the picture. The big window behind the grill is our dining room (not really a "room" but it's the area the table is in). The other big window that juts out is where the "living room" is. Right above that is the boys' room. The little window on the side (that is right next to the neighbour's little window) is the guest room. So if you visit, that's where you'll be--and you know the view from the room now, too.

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Snowbound in Iowa said...

I'll be right over to use the guest room! In my dreams at least! I loved catching up with you all just now on your blogs. Especially love Anders loving the Bible stories! Yay God! Praying for you all and missing you, especially this morning as I walked the trails here and several spots brought me to you guys...and as I see how much Nils especially is growing up and I'm missing it!