He is Risen!

He is risen indeed!

We had a very nice Easter. It rained through the night, but had stopped by the time we woke up and stayed clear the rest of the day. We had a very nice worship service this morning--until there was an odd disturbance after it ended. We don't even know what it was really about yet, so I won't go into any details now.

We had some people from church over for dinner after church--some of the people near us who have become surrogate grandparents for the boys. Some of them don't have kids/grandkids, so I think it's been nice for them as well.

The ladies are Connie, Cathie and Sue. And that's Connie's husband, John. We're used to being with family on Easter; it was good to have some new friends over to keep us company.

Oh, and here's one of Anders searching for his Easter basket this morning:

That's Chewbacca Tommy he's holding. Tommy was a gift from Cathie (in the picture above) a week or so ago. Anders added the Chewbacca name himself. Notice the glasses hooked on the shirt collar. Very stylish toddler.

And here's one of Nils, just cause I know you want one. Standing has become one of his favorite positions. He's getting anxious to be mobile.

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Anonymous said...

guess who?....... have you guessed yet. I'll tell you the answer. Dathan. hope your are having fun.