Egg Hunt

This morning I went into church as soon as I could and came back about an hour later so Beth could go to softball practice with the church team (first day of practice). Anders and I walked down to a park a few blocks away during that time to go to an Easter Egg Hunt that the Salvation Army was putting on. It seemed like quite the swarm of children when they said "Go." It was a nice community outreach event. They passed out info for their children's programs as well as a card that shared the story of the Easter Egg.

Anxiously awaiting for the hunt to begin.
And he's off!
I think he's got one! (They're the little shiny-wrapped chocolate eggs so they don't show up well in the picture)

A satisfied egg-gatherer (for the most part), complete with cheezy "I'm-smiling-for-everyone-back-home" grin

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Snowbound in Iowa said...

Love those pictures of the boys and of the flowers and spring! It's snowing here right now so that is nice. Just love catching up in general by reading your blogs! Yay!!! Praying for you! Jane