Tell Me the Old, Old Story

Lately, Anders has really been into Bible stories. We've been reading them quite frequently. He's put aside the Muppet Show for Veggie Tales. Through the course of a day, he'll occasionally start singing "Zaccheus was a wee little man"--and we'll keep repeating the sycamore tree line over and over once we get there. He also has a version of Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho that he'll sing as we walk along. We're also playing Bible stories--mainly David and Goliath. I'm usually Goliath and have to say "Who will fight me?" like the giant pickle does in the Veggie Tales version. The Old Testament stories we seem to share with children are often violent ones. It's hard to avoid your child picking up on those things--not that we're trying to make him a complete pacifist, but he really has no need to know what a gun is. In fact, until recently I don't think Anders even knew the word "gun." He just referred to it as a byue-byue (based upon the sound he makes for it). But there are good morals in those stories and he's learning.

The other day he was reading a lift the flap Bible story book that FarFar & FarMor had given him and had to get the DVD case of Josh & the Big Wall to compare to the Jericho (or Jerica as he says) story in the book, because they were the same. It's encouraging to have him take interest in them and see how he gets them and picks up on them when he hears one in church or Sunday school. It is a wonderful blessing to discover faith through a child's eyes.

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