Everything's Coming Up Roses

Okay, the roses aren't in bloom yet, but the title went well following the last post.

After church today (and eating some leftovers at church), we walked across the parking lot, across the road to Darts Hill Garden Park. It's actually a private residents owned by the Darts, of course--well, just Mrs. Darts, Mr. Darts passed away a few years ago (I suppose it would be irreverent to say "pushing up daisies"). My understanding is that they donated their place to the city, thought Mrs. Darts still lives on site. Today was the one day each year they have it open to the public for free. That's the house behind Beth & the boys in the first picture. (Notice how Anders' sunglasses are just a little too big--he insists on holding them on his face; and Nils got a good nap--you may notice him snuggled in well to his Mamma.)

Being across the street from the church, we see the place all the time, but this was our first chance to actually see inside. It was our second straight day of sun--after several days of rain. So it was nice to be outside. It was about 18C, so a bit cool in the shade, but wonderful to soak in the sunlight.

While most of what was in bloom was several varieties of the same several species of plants, there was just a rainbow of colors in bloom throughout the park. It's amazing how many colors God created--a wondrous variety of hues, some so vivid that you couldn't paint it if you tried.

A rainbow in the sky is a promise of God's love for us--that His desire is not to destroy us, no matter how decadent we get. I think there's a message in the colors of creation as well. I'm not sure there's a promise there or anything specific Even if they just serve as a wonderful reminder of how majestic, amazing and awesome (in its original sense) God is, then I think they've served their purpose, haven't they?

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